How to Score Corner Goals in FIFA 18 
Do you have problems to make good shots in FIFA 18? We tell you how to do it in a good way and always score a goal.

It must be said that this procedure is not 100% successful because then the game FIFA 18 would not be funny, but it usually works on many occasions.

If the ball does not enter the goal, it is likely that another player can finish on the first or second, or even that the goalkeeper takes it to a new corner, so you can make a profit with this type of throws.

How to score normal corner goals in FIFA 18

If you do not want to go down the path of Olympic goals or reject them, you can opt for the normal procedure of the corner kick. In this case you need a player with similar characteristics to the Olympic goals and to place the throwing pointer between the second suit and the penalty point.

With this you will get a sure shot from one of your first-suit players or those who enter from the back, and if he did not start from the start it is likely that you will favor a rejection. All these players could be got with FIFA 18 Coins in transfer market. With this procedure you will be able to score many corner goals in FIFA 18 although it will take you a couple of success-error sessions until you get the exact position of the cursor regarding the disposition of the players on the field.

So you know how to score corner goals in FIFA 18 to dominate the passing game in attack play. However, we recommend that you continue to train everything we have taught you in these latest guides, so that when you face your friends and online opponents you are unstoppable.

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